Research Subject Advocacy

In compliance with the requirements of the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) of the National Institutes of Health, the Center for Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research (CSMSR) has a designated Research Subject Advocate, Dr. Mary Klink. The Research Subject Advocate (RSA) Program was established in 2001 by the NCRR with a mandate to ensure that research studies conducted in all research facilities are designed and conducted safely and ethically, with the protection of human subjects accorded the highest priority. The RSA has oversight responsibility and is available to assure that investigators protect the safety and confidentiality of study subjects. In so doing, the RSA serves to protect the institution that it represents and their investigators as well.

The responsibilities of the RSA include:

Many of these functions are similar to those of the IRB but the role of the RSA is to provide on-site monitoring to only those studies carried out at CSMSR.

What the RSA requires from the staff/investigator(s) of all research studies:

To contact Dr. Klink, you may call her office directly at 608-232-3305 (53305 from within the center) or Ellie Collins in the Sleep Center administrative suite at 608-232-3307.