Policies for Performing Research Studies at Wisconsin Sleep

To schedule a bed for a research study, a study folder containing the following information needs to be given to the Clinical Operations Assistant at least 1 week prior to a scheduled study time:

If the Clinical Operations Assistant has not received all required information by 8:00 a.m., 1 week prior to a scheduled study time, held research beds will be automatically released for clinical patients. All scheduled subjects and subject cancellations need to be communicated immediately to the Clinical Operations Assistant. If a research patient is a no show or if there is a late cancellation and it is not possible to schedule another patient or research subject into the bed, the study will be charged the standard bed charge for that night.

If a specific written request is made to hold a bed less than 1 week prior to a scheduled study time without providing the Clinical Operations Assistant with the above patient information, the study will be charged a bed fee, regardless of whether the bed is filled.